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A&S was initially born when two sisters decided to unite their family history to the passion of olive oil.

Representing the family fifth generation of famers and deeply attached to the land, Afet et Selima joined the family farm after experiencing the marketing and tourism field for Afet and law for Selima.

Over a journey of learning and meetings, the idea of quality and excellence came out naturally. From the tree to the fruit, from the field to the mill, a special attention is brought to each step that reveals the precious nectar.        

The family grove from which the A&S olive oil exclusively comes, is lead following the principles of conservation agriculture. More precisely, the method implies a minimum of human and machinery intervention on soil. In such a way, microorganisms continue to develop and enrich the northern Tunisian typical flora.
This diverse nature is reflected in the identity of A&S olive oil : delicate aromas revealed by a cold extraction and mixing up wild flowers, fresh aromatic herbs and fruits.

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